Compiled by Carolyn Buchanan & Sue Frid

Question: Does it help the TT practitioner to know whether they are working in the
physical, emotional or spiritual field when giving TT. And what are some
clues to tell the difference?

From Barbara Janelle:

Spiritual, mental, emotional and physical fields are all interpenetrating, so it is impossible to single one out for attention. The TT treatment addresses all aspects of the being and is truly a holistic discipline.

The Receiver’s Field determines how a treatment is used. The Practitioner will very likely not be aware of the full impact of a treatment although changes such as a relaxation response, greater clarity, more positive outlook and increased happiness are commonly seen. For a more in-depth examination of this question, please see “Thoughts on Working with the Emotional Field” in my book, Embodiment of Spirit: Learning Through Therapeutic Touch and Interspecies Communication, 2003.