Touching Infinity

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

Previously Unpublished

Submitted to In Touch, December 1998

I have come to recognise the extraordinary power of TT through almost daily TT experience over a period of 15 years. My TT experience has spanned treatments on myself, with others and with animals, with simple, localised problems, in emergency situations, with volunteer hospital teams in ICU, CCU and in regular hospital units, with colicky horses and frightened owners, with terminally ill and dying humans and animals. It is the profound, non-verbal aspect of TT that occurs with centering that I wish to address here.


Merlin Homer gave the most profound presentation on centering at Vision & Reality 1997 that I have ever attended. She said, after leading her audience through many phases of a centering meditation, that there are times when she will give a treatment simply by touching a receiver’s shoulders and going through the steps of this meditation herself.

Centering with compassion for another leads to unexpected and wondrous things.

a) Very obvious, is the deep physical relaxation that moves like a wave through both the receiver and the practitioner.

b) Both feel connected. This touches the sacred truth that “All is One.” I frequently hear TT students and practitioners say, “I will never see that person (the receiver) the same way again. I will never be able to feel separate from, hostile towards or superior to that person again.”

c) With centering, comes the acknowledgement of the spiritual essence of the receiver, and on some level, the receiver remembers the magnificent spiritual self. This call to remember who they are and why they have come to live this life is most profound in the cases of comatose patients where TT has nudged many patients to return to consciousness and to living life.

Touching Infinity

In centering, the TT practitioner touches a quality of infinite love and understanding and offers that connection to the receiver. Touching infinity through centering presents the possibility of transcendence of beliefs, experiences, physical conditions–for both the receiver and the practitioner. As a result, the full outcome of a TT treatment is almost never known by either.

We get glimpses of amazing shifts sometimes, for example, the bitter old man who upon receiving TT begins to soften and relate to relatives and others, or the fibro-myalgia patient who is suddenly without pain as she realises the relationship between her illness and emotions harboured toward a family member, or the dying person who unexpectedly returns to consciousness to say good-by to family and complete the business of living.

I have found that even in a simple, localised TT session profound shifts in relationship occur. Many times I have been reminded by someone of having worked on a minor problem for them years ago, and been touched again by that moment of deep connection. I see it in their eyes and feel it in myself. We once danced in infinity and that has changed our relationship.

Detachment from Outcome

So what does this imply about outcome and any attachment to it? The truth is we will never know the full outcome of any TT treatment because wondrous things happen when infinity is touched. We do our very best work: we center with compassion, we communicate and interact with the receiver’s field–but the outcome is more magical than we can conceive and it is not in our hands.