Therapeutic Touch Support Groups Cooperate

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

First Published In Touch, Vol. V, no. 1, March 1993

In January, 1993, the Guelph and London Therapeutic Touch Support Groups cooperated to help a patient. Initially, the woman had been referred to the Therapeutic Touch Network by Wellington Hospice Care. Members of the Guelph Group gave the woman TT sessions regularly for about a month.

Early in the new year, the woman broke her hip and was transferred to a hospital in London. The Guelph TT Group called on the London TT association to help. The London Group set a schedule so that the woman received a Therapeutic Touch treatment every day until released from hospital.

During this ten-day period, another patient in the room inquired about Therapeutic Touch and asked to receive treatments too. So on each visit, London TT practitioners treated both patients.

Each patient expressed appreciation for the work. The first woman wrote, “I thank you for bringing to me your caring and love. TT made me feel extra special and gave me strength during my hospital recovery.” The second woman told each TT practitioner, “I feel so much love and caring from you. This is the way it should be in hospital!”

The London and Guelph Therapeutic Touch Support Groups are delighted with the results of this interaction. It is wonderful to have other support groups to rely on when a patient moves. And patients benefit from this easy cooperation too.


Evelyn MacKay’s call to me in 1993, requesting help for this patient coming to London, was the beginning of the London TT Volunteer Hospital Team. Some valuable and interesting things come out of small beginnings.

–BJ 2/99