Compiled by Carolyn Buchanan & Sue Frid

In Touch

“I feel uncomfortable that Recognized Practitioners are including spiritual work and past-life insights along with TT. I feel I am losing interest in doing TT as it was taught to me. Can you advise me?”

From Barbara Janelle:

The question is not clear. Does it refer to Recognized Practitioners:
– working with the spiritual aspect in the TT treatment
– talking about spirituality and past lives during a TT treatment
– exploring spirituality and past lives for their own interest outside of a TT treatment?

We recognize the spiritual aspect of both the receiver and practitioner within the TT framework.
In my book, Embodiment of Spirit, I refer to psychologist Aaron Kipnis’ comment that where the spirit is not fully engaged in the body, that part is more prone to illness. My belief is that the TT treatment with its grounding aspect is an invitation to spirit to come fully into the body and into the experience of the present life. That is a focus that I hold when I do TT.

The TT treatment is not a venue for doing spiritual or psychic readings. While a practitioner may pick up a range of information during the treatment, it can simply be silently returned to the field as TTNO Recognized Teacher Cheryl Dickson suggests. On some level the receiver will have greater insight within a short time after the treatment. Using the TT treatment for doing psychic readings is inappropriate. If a practitioner gives a psychic reading the result is that it draws attention and energy to the practitioner, when the focus should be on supporting the functioning of the recipient’s field.

Part of ongoing self-growth work for practitioners is the exploration of the spiritual aspect. The practitioner increasingly recognizes self and others as magnificent spiritual beings, valuable and worthy of tremendous respect. The TT treatment becomes a sacred setting where conscious connection on this level occurs and remarkable shifts result for both receiver and practitioner. This is something we may discuss in training sessions but not within the TT treatment.

The concept of past lives is something that a practitioner may examine for self-interest but again, it is not something discussed within the TT treatment.