Compiled by Carolyn Buchanan & Sue Frid

“There are some terms I have been hearing lately from a few Therapeutic
Touch people that frankly, I don’t understand, and can’t relate to. One of
them is “supporting the field”. Is that a Therapeutic Touch concept/term?
Could someone please explain it?”

The Therapeutic Touch treatment supports the field’s move toward greater wholeness. While centering provides the greatest impetus for this, unruffling, grounding and energising the field all support this shift in the field.

I use the term “support the field” primarily when I encourage TT practitioners and students to pause and deepen center during the treatment. The pause gives the field a chance to process work and make greater shifts. I will also use the term when I suggest that when one of the working partners in a triad is finished that he/she stand and deepen center as a way of supporting the other partner’s work and the field’s response to the TT treatment. Grounding will support the field’s move toward greater order, as will unruffling and energising procedures. Heart Support also offers the field a space to remember and return to order.

I do not see a difficulty in using the word “support” because that is what we are doing in TT. We do not make the field do anything. Instead our work provides a framework within which the field can shift toward greater wholeness, whether that wholeness is in better physical function, more balanced emotional state, clearer thinking, overall better function and greater embodiment of spirit, or even in the decision by the spirit to finish life.