By Barbara Janelle M.A.

There are many ways of doing TT on ourselves and I use one or more of them on myself each day.

Localized Therapeutic Touch. For everything from bruises to infections, rashes to aches, localized TT is easy to use and effective. I generally establish a grounding route that may or may not be out through my feet. For example, with an injured finger, I will visualize roots directly into the ground or ask a nearby plant to siphon off congested energy. And I back this up with light unruffling. Once a sense of activity and flow is established at the site, I will gently offer energy there or to a nearby chakra (for the hand I will often use the palm or wrist chakras) and follow this with more light unruffling and grounding. Steps are repeated until it feels finished.

Full Therapeutic Touch Treatment. When I have had a stressful day and want to be sure to sleep well that night, I will do a full TT session on myself before I go to bed. I sit quietly on the edge of the bed and wiggle my feet to augment the flow of energy out into the ground. I may reach down to touch my feet and visualize grounding or ask the Earth to strengthen my grounding; or I may touch my knees and visualize roots down through my legs into the ground and enlist the help of the Earth.

I follow this with an unruffling sweep from head to toe. An unruffling movement is like a wave of energy through the field so there is no need to work back and front of the body/field. Both the field’s response to grounding and this unruffling movement give me information on how the field is doing: how responsive is it? Is there congestion or sluggishness anywhere? Everything I do in the field is both a treatment and an assessment tool. Both the unruffling and the grounding also start to draw more energy into and through the field.

If more unruffling and grounding is needed, I do it. I also support the flow of energy down through my arms and out of my hands and into the ground. Then, I address the root chakra and support its strong connection with the Earth (again I may engage the Earth’s help here) with unruffling and grounding. The sacral chakra is next and I unruffle and remind it that it lives in a sea of energy. It normally takes in energy from the Universal Field, and I encourage it to take even more and watch bright light fill the lower portion of my body.

With almost every move I add head to toe unruffling and grounding to strengthen the integration of the field. The Splenic chakra is next and very important because it is such a huge energy intake centre for the field; unruffling and the reminder to take from the universal field are done again, along with full field unruffling. I also check and support the energy intake of the adrenals.

At the solar plexus, I work gently to support function, brightness and energy intake, and feel the effect of this fill my mid-torso. At the Heart Chakra, I will either unruffle or simply place my hand over my heart and deepen my center (Heart Support). I will comment again that for each of these steps, I also do a head to toe unruffling and support the grounding and integration of the field.

At the throat, I unruffle and remind the chakra that it too takes energy in from the universal field. I do a moment’s unruffling at the 3rd eye and then draw a wave of bright light in through the crown and down through the field, connecting with the Earth. The depth of my centeredness makes this profoundly relaxing. I lie down and usually sleep deeply through the night. The entire treatment may take 6 or 7 minutes.

Modified Full TT Treatment. There are times when I am so tired when I go to bed that it is difficult to focus on treating myself for any length of time. In that case, I will do one of two things:

a) Modified Sitting Treatment. Sitting on the edge of the bed, I wiggle my feet and visualize the grounding or ask the Earth to help. Then with unruffling strokes I draw light into and through the field, trusting the wave to dissipate congestion, energize and integrate the field simultaneously. This may take 1 to 2 minutes and I usually go to sleep quickly and sleep well.

b) Visualized Prone Treatment. I go to bed and lying on my back, I ask the Earth to deepen my grounding. Then I visualize a wave of light moving through and brightening my field from head-to-toe. This will take less than a minute and also helps me to sleep well.

All of these approaches are effective, easy to use and take only minutes to do.