In Touch, Vol XIII, No. 2, Summer 2001

Notes from Barbara Janelle M.A., London. ON

Here are some observations on our latest TT teams. We have 3 at the moment (a 4th just finished). Two are in ICU – one at UH and the other at Vic South. The 3rd team is at UH in the neurosurgery unit.

This is incredible training. The opportunity to work with significant physical problems is major. Just some basic comments though:

– anaesthetic in the field feels like mud – thick, hard to move – must be patient and do a bit of TT to support the field in dealing with it. It stays in the field strongly for about three days – and there are hints beyond that

– sedatives sedate the field – interesting – it feels slow to respond – it is easy to get frustrated – am I doing anything useful here? Again, patience…

– our two ICU patients both had brushes with leaving – one more so than the other – big time decision making – AND THE SOLAR PLEXUS GULPED ENERGY! Yellow!!! One of my team members who saw the one in big trouble said the field actually scared her with its DEMAND for energy. We learned that 12 hours after the treatment, the woman almost died. The next team member to see her a few hours after this near-end reported the field lighter than it had been, the grounding thin but growing – obviously a decision made. A week later, she is conscious, sitting in a chair and down-graded to extended ICU.

– Michael Fox one of our TT Team said to me yesterday, “There is nothing I do that is so selfless as this.” He is one of our very best people.

– The other ICU patient presents so many issues & lessons for me. As I fussed mentally and emotionally over him and asked what am I to do for him, the strong, quiet voice said,”Support him, NOW.” Well there’s marching orders for you! Stow the garbage and be there for him!

– Depression has tenacles. I feel it when I enter the room – cold, encompassing, challenging. When I leave without having consciously recognized it, I wonder what is wrong – because I leave with a feeling of down-heartedness. When I know it, I can prepare for it – asking for help, using blue, …

– Lately, I have asked for magic in the form of love beyond anything I can conceive to fill the field of patients – it takes the pressure off finding appropriate visualizations for difficult fields. Very nice!

– The staff at Vic South CCTU (ICU) calls me by name. TT is known and welcomed there. The nurses thank me when I leave. I try to walk softly, be non-invasive in their world – gentle, gentle – and am met with gentleness.