On the Infinity of Being and Thought as a Creative Tool

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

Previously Unpublished

July 26, 1992

Dolores Krieger talked about energy fields and the creation of a human being in her TT Teachers Workshop that I took in May, 1992. “Where 2 or more fields intersect at a nexus, a particle of energy is created. Humans are at the intersection of many, many more fields than any other species. Horses are different from dogs which are different from cats because of the kind and number of intersecting fields which create them.”

A human being is an energy-matter nexus. We are energy beings and not only do we not stop at our skins, as energy fields we are infinite. This is why there can be instantaneous connection between two people, telepathically, who are on different sides of the planet, or indeed universe. It is also why there can be connection between a person in one time period and someone in another time period. In this understanding of the human as infinite, time and space have little meaning.

This “infinity” of being also extends to other species and things, although the kind and awareness of connection vary because of the kind and variation in the energy fields that intersect to produce them.

Human thought, conscious or otherwise, is a very strong organizing principle of matter, emotion, understanding and relationship. With our thoughts, we organize matter and we physically create. With our thoughts, we organize other thoughts, understanding and relationship. For example, by recognizing something beautiful in another person, we affect the emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical state of that person without using words or physical gestures.

Thoughts are powerful. We must bear responsibility for what we think and how we deal with our emotions because we create and affect our world with them.