Moving Into Zeta Harmony: The 6th TT Gathering

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

“Nice to come home to family for the weekend.” and “An exceptional weekend of sharing.” are participant comments on the 2005 TT Gathering at St. Jerome’s, University of Waterloo in late April.

Mary Bant (replacing Donna Logan Van Vliet who was unable to attend this year) beautifully addressed the conference theme of Harmony: “We have the right and responsibility to chose how we will think, live and act…Harmony in life involves relationship with self…”

Helen Will’s “Heart and Harmony in the Labyrinth,” described the development of a labyrinth for the New York 9/11 Memorial Competition. Helen brought several large painted canvass labyrinths (The Bellstar took up half of the cafeteria space) for participants to walk throughout the weekend.

Sue Frid, Ellen Hadley and I led a discussion on “Ethics in TT’ that many participants wrote was thought-provoking and valuable. This will be presented at Vision and Reality 2005.

Merlin Homer brought gifts of song, artwork and the powerful experience of processing a TT treatment with floor work by walking it first in a straight line and then in a circle. Merlin says, “We are embodied beings…our essence is physical…Earth teaches us grace.”

With great humour, Jitka Malec spoke of cultivating harmony in ourselves and in the world. “We signed up for this life and we showed up…We are all one and the joy and hurt of one affects the whole…Simple kindness is the most powerful transformational force of all.” Her exercise of looking at energetic snapshots of ourselves when things are difficult and when we are at home in ourselves was very powerful.

My talk on “The Homework of Therapeutic Touch” included an exercise in self-treatment, and approaches to problem solving. To touch one’s own heart and say “I am wonderful!” is to come home and heal.

Cynthia Gall offered early morning meditations that participants described as “worth getting up for!” Everyone will remember Michelle McMillan’s Qigong Shanghai Hospital Stomp! Merlin Homer led a beautiful closing ceremony in which everyone energized something belonging to each of the participants.

The TT Gathering is co-organized by Carolyn and Don Buchanan and Barbara Janelle. For information on the 2006 TT Gathering e-mail: