By Barbara Janelle M.A.

The young woman lay in a coma in the Intensive Care Unit of the large hospital. She had collapsed due to a strain of pneumonia that was resistant to all known drugs. The prognosis was poor – she was expected to die. The family had called in the Therapeutic Touch Volunteer Hospital Team on the off chance that a complementary therapy would help.

As Team Director, I saw her first, and heard from the family about the medical measures being taken. The focus was on killing the organism that caused the illness. Yet it seemed that the use of strong drugs over the years had only supported the development of this resistant strain.

Once again, I was faced with the accepted cultural belief that it was all right to kill other species, other forms of life. I knew that I did not feel happy about doing this, even in my garden, or with biting insects. I thought of Machaelle Small Wright’s (1) belief that nature is just waiting to work WITH us. All we have to do is to conceive of what might be and ask for cooperation.

In discussion with the TT Team members, I asked everyone to connect with the Deva of the bacteria during their treatments to ask if we could make a deal that would allow both the virus and the woman to survive. In addition, the treatments were to focus on supporting the overall strength and health of the young woman rather than on fighting symptoms which is the focus of so much allopathic medicine.

Several days went by and the family and doctors were certain that she would die shortly. Then during a TT treatment, the crisis occurred. The experienced practitioner described the woman’s energy field suddenly drawing in massive, massive amounts of energy. Within hours, it was apparent that the woman would recover.

What happened here? I believe that on a soul level, the young woman chose to live. The caring of her family, the support of the medical community and the cooperative effort of nature working in concert with human beings provided the means through which she could do so.


On another TT Team, we worked with a young man with leukemia who underwent a bone marrow transplant. I believe that the efforts of the team members to invite the man’s body/field and the new bone marrow to find harmony and support life contributed to his survival.

In a companion article to this, Hana Kanoo in England describes the effect of working with a disease-causing fungus to support the health of her Borzoi, Nibrass.

I have been involved in many successful attempts to find compromise that would honour all involved and support life. These have included:

    • conversations with ants that allowed me to move their nest that was in a compost pile so I could spread the compost (2)
    • conversations with ants overrunning our new home in California that has resulted in an almost ant-free house. (They return when anyone in the house is stressed.)
    • conversations with fleas that were attacking my cats (3)
    • negotiations with pocket gophers in my garden

In each instance, I am told that these other lifeforms are performing important services:

    • the pocket gophers are aerating soil and enabling it to hold more moisture
    • ants help to bring energetic balance to places that need it. Their appearance is a signal to me that something is out of balance in my life or household
    • fleas support health through action to stimulate internal energy meridian function

In some cases my work is to thank them, in others, I must take over their roles – keep the soil aerated, energetically balance and clear the house, work physically and energetically on my cats daily to support their health.


Life exists through cooperation and we humans are invited to be a conscious part of Earth’s Cooperative. This ancient understanding is very strange to those living in cultures that believe man has dominion over the Earth and the right to kill other life forms. The result of human attempts to eradicate plants and insects is the poisoning of the Earth and of ourselves. Attempts to kill disease-causing organisms have resulted in strains highly resistant to drugs.

When we learn that we can support health by working in cooperation with other forms of existence, we will make a huge step toward taking our proper role in this Earth system. Life and survival is a cooperative effort.


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