Going Deeper

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

Previously Unpublished

October, 1996

Standard Therapeutic Touch is a very effective tool on the physical and emotional levels–to a point. However, in chronic and/or life threatening illness, an additional approach that goes deeper into the being’s identity and life work is very helpful. This “soul enquiry” is done without words, a kind of telepathic communication.

This approach can be used with cancer patients, for example. Scientists tell us that everyone gets cancer cells in the body every day. However, the illness only develops in some people. Why? I believe that cancer, like so many physical problems, is a signal that life is slipping by and the person has not awakened to his/her true self and life’s work of bringing love to this planet.

First Level

I start with the “soul enquiry” in the Heart Sandwich, when I ask about the relationship among the three selves–Inner Child, Present Self, and the Higher Self. The Inner Child represents joy, innocence (release of judgment), exploration, spontaneity, self-valuing and so many more qualities that we all have, so many of which are buried. When I can feel these qualities in myself, I can find them in and mirror them for another person. (Sometimes, in extreme cases, the child part can take control to the detriment of the entire being–rather like a spoiled child that sees no further than self.)

The Present Self is an onion of superficial overlays–beliefs, experiences, fears, goals. So often the quality of love is hidden under fear. The result is a disconnection at the level of Present Self from the Inner Child and the Higher Self. This can lead to illness. I have been reading The Course in Miracles slowly over ten years and I choose the understanding expressed in this book that bad or evil is forgetting through fear, and that love is the essence of our being. Love is the force that holds all of existence together. Many have spoken of this. Shirley MacLaine wrote of it beautifully in Out on a Limb.

The Higher Self is the magnificent, all-knowing, wise, joyful, God-within Self. The pictures that I get of this aspect start with a breath-takingly magnificent human-like form with eyes of knowing and tremendous Love. Present are qualities that human words can only barely describe–peace, lightness, clarity, happiness. If, in asking to see this part, I find aspects of sternness, goal orientation, or judgment, I know that the fears of this life are so strong that the Higher Self is hidden. Then I ask the being to go deeper and remember who they are. The human-like form begins to dissolve and is replaced by a beautiful boundless being of pure light.

There may be intermediate steps before the true essence is revealed. These can include alternate life roles both on this planet and elsewhere in the universe. I simply continue to accept the information given by any stage and go deeper until the full essence of Love is revealed to both the being and myself.

When this is done without words during the Heart Chakra work, the face of the person brightens and relaxes very noticeably. However, it is possible to do this work at long-distance as well, as the following story shows.


Late June 1996: Jim has come through surgery and radiation treatment for cancer. The doctors report that there is no sign of any cancer now. When I visit Jim, I find him unhappy, silent, depressed. He is alone, even though his wife Carol does everything she can to keep him alive. She reads and speaks to knowledgeable people. She shops carefully and gives Jim the right food. She fears that the illness will reoccur and that her husband will die.

Early September 1996: Carol writes that the doctors suspect a reoccurrence of cancer in Jim. I find myself thinking that if he wants to die, no one has the right or ability to make him do otherwise. Later that evening, he comes into my mind, and I knew that my role is to work with him–and indeed with anyone who comes into my life seeking assistance. I cannot turn away by saying, “This is not my problem.”

In a long-distance TT session, the first very strong impression that I receive is that Jim doesn’t want to stay. He didn’t want to come to Earth to begin with, and nothing has convinced him that it is worth his time and effort to stay here. All activities–his teaching, his job as school principal before retirement, were roles that he went into because they related to who he is–a responsible being who can get things done. Now that the cancer is returning, he will be able to leave soon. The silence, isolation and depression will continue until then.

In my mind, I ask Jim to show me who he is, and I receive a picture of a being from another planet. (The pictures and information that come through this kind of communication are primarily symbolic. It really does not matter whether Jim is from another planet or not. The symbolic information gives me an understanding and a means of relating to him.)

I ask, “What are you doing here anyway? Why did you come to Earth?” Jim in this other form shows me that he came as a representative of his planet at this critical time for Earth, and for the entire Universe. He is here to observe and gather information for his people, to render assistance to the Earth and all its parts during this time of change. He has forgotten this critical job in the pain of missing his world, and being enmeshed in self-desolation.

Jim was sent; he did not volunteer. This is duty–privilege duty–which he’d rather not have done–at least that is the translation in human words and feelings. He was sent specifically as a kind of working vacation–an opportunity to learn and grow and be of service. This experience is to bring some fun into his life! That was the purpose! Jim is a workaholic and responsibility-holic and he cannot let this go.

With this information, I mind-spoke to Jim of this lifetime. I told him that he came from elsewhere in the universe and wanted to return there. “You are depressed because you feel that you don’t belong here.” It sounded weird and at the same time right to him. I showed him a mind-picture of his other planet form, complete with the tentacles growing from his head and his worried expression. I try to get him to see the humour in his alternate form, and in the story. He smiles but the humour is superficial. He makes no move to change and grow into the power of that role. I cannot leave him here; I must go deeper.

I open a MAP Coning and realise that the Earth Deva of Healing is not sufficient for this job. The Deva of Healing for his planet-family-place must lead the Coning. Pan too has a very small role, and the members of the light brotherhood are different beings–more familiar with his world. I ask my Higher Self and Jim’s Higher Self to join the Coning.

When I ask to see who he is, the change begins. It is difficult for him to give up the other world persona, but gradually the layers drop away, and this tremendous being of light and brightness and buoyancy emerges. He remembers! He is a being of Light and Love and Glorious Joy!

Now all the assistance melds and flows to the being that he is. He gathers strength and grows even brighter–more power-full. The healing has begun. He will not shed his role of service and responsibility, but he will do these things with joy and delight, the light of all he is flowing now into the many forms of self in the other world(s) and into his Earth being self. Healing into Harmony is in place. I support this with balls of light and love, and trust in the beings and loving Devic templates that are with him now.

Late September: I meet with Carol who reports the latest medical tests show no sign of cancer. I tell Carol that Jim’s work is not finished and that something will capture his interest soon. She laughs and says that Jim has just finished a book that piques his interest in going to Paris. He is planning a trip there. She does not know how they can both afford to go. I tell her that it is important that she support him in his plans to go to Paris. (He will go whether she approves or not, I believe, because his life work requires it.)


Standard Therapeutic Touch is effective and healing, but we can go deeper yet by reminding a being of its true nature–one of light, knowing and great joy. (I use “being” to denote that this procedure works for animals as well as people; and I have used it with rocks too!) With this memory comes empowerment that enables the being to live these qualities and ground them in this planet Earth.

In remembering at an emotional-spiritual level (it may not be in full present mental consciousness), the being enters more fully into this life and feels more joyful. This has an immediate impact on self-valuing, self-confidence, and health. In a Therapeutic Touch treatment, it is easiest to access the full being in the Hand-Heart Connection or Heart Sandwich. As this story illustrates, going deeper can work effectively at long-distance too.

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Symbols are a form of language that is metaphoric, and it is the implied meaning that is important. So for example, in the story, “visitor from another place” may imply a feeling of distance from this life. Whether J. is from somewhere else or not, does not matter. What does matter is that on some level he recognized there is an alternative to this feeling, that is joyful involvement in living.

Another example of “soul enquiry” was with a young man with severe lung damage who had been in a coma for 10 weeks. Two of the top specialists in Canada had seen him and did not expect him to live. During the hand-heart connection in the first TT treatment, I asked silently, “Who are you? Do you remember who you are?” An image of him rose in from of me and said, “I messed up.” I responded, “So, big deal. Do you have more work to do here?” The image shrugged and straightened. Two days later his cheeks were pink. He gradually came out of the coma, off the respirator, ventilator, out of ICU. Eight months later he played 18 holes of golf.

–BJ 2/99