By Barbara Janelle

Species Link, Issue 39, Summer, July-September 2000

Tired of worrying about a family member and feeling heavy-hearted, I took my boat out on the lake and paddled around the big island. The Great Blue Heron caught my eye and I asked it to tell me something I needed to know. The Heron offered this great piece of wisdom.

Responsibility and awareness

are all important in life.

Listen to the wind,

to the sounds of the world

And recognize

when something is wrong –

when something does not belong.

Pay attention. Be aware

Awareness, focus

are forces in life –

forms of directing energy.

What do you focus on?

Be aware and choose to

energetically support


Fear destroys order and harmony.

Fear curls the heart inward

upon itself

and blocks the flow of life.

Visualize positive things

even for others

and you bring harmony to this world.

Hearing this message, I recognized that I was not assuming my part of maintaining harmony in my family and in this world. It was difficult but within a few hours, I shifted my focus from worry to acceptance and prayed for brightness on both our journeys through life.