Energizing the Field

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

Previously Unpublished First published In Touch, Vol. XI, no. 2, May 1999

October, 1998

In Therapeutic Touch, we understand that many physical problems stem from beliefs and emotions that are not processed and released. Over time (this can be a few minutes or hours in the case of laryngitis, for example, or many years in the case of multiple sclerosis) the flow of energy within the field is restricted and a physical problem occurs.

The Therapeutic Touch treatment attempts to support a greater flow of energy through the field: brightening and strengthening the field. The outcome of healing is controlled by a complex of things such as the receiver’s beliefs, emotions and overall lesson plan for the lifetime. These are out of the hands of the TT Practitioner. While we can support others’ recognition of themselves as beings of love, we cannot impose our own beliefs and wishes on them. Each individual does his/her own healing and this is what is meant by the saying that as TT Practitioners we do our very best work but “the outcome is not in our hands.”

Energizing the Field

To support an increase of energy and greater order in a receiver’s field, I have been experimenting in recent years with several different approaches to bringing more energy into the field.

a) Unruffling. The act of unruffling actually brings more energy into and through the field. I envision this entering through the crown and other chakras and the entire field itself. In addition, energy is available to the receiver’s field through the practitioner’s hand chakras.

b) Directing Energy into the Field. In much of our Therapeutic Touch literature, there is the understanding that more energy can be made available to the system through the practitioner, i.e. that by setting the intention the practitioner actually increases the flow through his/her system and more energy comes out through the hands into the receiver’s field. The practitioner can increase or decrease this flow out through the hands consciously.

However, I have discovered that the field has a better understanding of its own needs than does the TT practitioner. Often because directed energy is too intense in speed, volume, frequency (colour), the field will block the intake. This is frequently missed by a practitioner who is focusing on sending and failing to continually monitor the field’s response to the treatment.

The practitioner who is aware, continually monitoring, and gently directing energy, will often experience the field changing the offered energy to its own needs: changing the colour is most noticeable, followed by deploying it where it is most needed (and that may not be to where it is being directed by the practitioner).

c) Offering Energy to the Field. With my growing awareness that the field was actually leading the treatment (see “The Field Leads the Dance”), I changed my approach to honour this. In most cases of energy transfer now, I offer energy rather than direct it. I make the energy available through my hands and invite the field to take it at the most appropriate speed, volume, frequency (colour), and direct it to where it needs to go. I monitor the taking, and pause periodically to lightly unruffle to prevent accidental energy build-up and to support clear flow through the field.

Some of the ways of offering energy to the field are:

1) Allowing energy to be available to the field through the hand chakras during unruffling is a simple way of inviting the field to “take what you need in the way you can best use it.”

2) Offering a ball of light (used by both Spiro Sathi and Chao Kok Sui) is an extraordinarily effective way of supporting healing (Markides, 1985, 1987, 1990). Develop a ball of energy (light) in the hand and offer it to the field. I do this with my palm facing upward holding the ball and offer it in either of two ways:

– specifically to an entry or a place needing more energy: at a right angle to a major chakra (not the crown or 3rd eye) or to a secondary chakra (hand, foot or at a joint)

– to the field itself: palm upward 30 to 50 cm over the mid-part of the physical body

I monitor how the field is taking the ball of light. As its energy is taken, I provide more to keep the form and volume of the ball. The field has had enough when I feel the energy “backing-up” into my hand. At that point, I unruffle the site or the field to ensure that there is no build-up within the field. This usually takes less than 15 to 30 seconds.

3) Yet another approach to offering more energy into the field uses energy from the sea of energy around us. This is a variation on an approach first described to me some years ago by Merlin Homer. Merlin said, “Imagine that your hands are spotlights that direct the energy from all around us into the field.” The energy does not move through the practitioner, but instead, it is invited in from the sea of energy in which we live. I turn my hand sideways (palm at right angle to the receiver’s skin) and ask that energy come into the field here. Again the field adjusts the speed, volume, and colour of the energy intake.


In all approaches to increasing energy flow through the field, the practitioner must be constantly aware of the field’s needs and responses: ongoing monitoring is crucial to prevent overdosing and to support the field’s ability to process the treatment. As a finishing safety measure, a thorough clearing and grounding of the field prevents unnecessary energy build-up and overload.


I believe that working with the field, offering energy to it and trusting its wisdom to do what is necessary better serves the needs of the field than imposing work upon it. This approach supports the field in very profound changes toward wholeness.

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