Email on Healing Relationships

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

Previously Unpublished

Excerpt from a letter

December 31, 1997

. . .

I’ve been exploring some interesting ideas. In my TT treatments, I started seeing that the work with the 2nd chakra, which deals with relationships, was expanding out along the threads to each of the receiver’s relationships. I realized that the treatment wasn’t just affecting the person but was brightening relationships too. Then I began recognizing that a treatment was affecting the past as well as the present.

I recalled what my friend, Ann Thomas, told me years ago that “This moment is the composite of all moments.” Taking this understanding, I am now working consciously to “heal” (bring love to) all time periods through TT treatments and long-distance work. Then with recent information that my cousin gave me about my mother’s family, I realized a need to heal family history and have been working with Machaelle Small Wright’s clearing process to address family history as well as the history of place. And this work too is affecting the future. Neat, eh?!!!

With intent, we can apply whatever we do in healing to all time periods. I have a friend who says that every time she works with a horse, she feels she is healing the relationship between humans and horses over the centuries.

Just another idea for you.

Keep in touch!

Love, Barbara