Email Message to Jan Dixson

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

Sent to Tasmania, Australia


Hi Jan,

Received your message about the very nasty diarrhoea bug hitting horses there.

Suggestions for TT treatment:

1. Open a MAP Coning: Ask for the presence and help of the Deva of Animal Healing, the Deva of Horses, Pan–the God of Nature, the Higher Self of the Horse, your own Higher Self and any of the Light Brother-Sisterhood specialising in horses.

2. Do an initial unruffling of the physical field. Check the grounding and then assess.

3. Then really support the grounding in all four feet. Pick up the hoof and draw energy out to support the flow; then put the hoof on the ground and grow the roots deep, deep into the Earth. Ask for Earth’s assistance.

4. With the roots in place, unruffle the energy from the lower legs, through the feet into the Earth. Then unruffle head, neck and chest into the front legs and feet and ground. Then unruffle from the head and neck down the barrel and hindquarters into the hindlegs and ground.

5. Try pulling out and/or combing out any really blocked areas. Use long sticky light fingers to go in deep and gather blocked energy; pull it out and shake it off. Search for and clear the edges of the blocked areas. If they don’t respond to unruffling, add a little energy to them to get them going.

6. Start with the Root Chakra: draw any blocked energy out and ground it through an imaginary pipe from the anus area into the ground. Ask for Earth’s help with this. Drawing the congested energy out will allow more, brighter energy to come through.

Go to the Sacral Chakra next and repeat the drawing out. Then connect it through visualisation and unruffling to the root chakra and ground. Repeat with the 3rd chakra.

When you come to the Heart Chakra, clear, connect and ground it and then do a Heart Sandwich. Ask the being that is the horse to remember its spiritual brilliance and purpose in this life.

Follow any direction you may receive from the elements of the MAP coning at this point or any other in the treatment. If no direction is forthcoming, continue working with the remaining chakras.

7. Offer a large, bright ball of light to the root chakra, or any other of the lower four that will take it. Keep supplying the energy to the ball until the field no longer takes. Stop when you feel the energy backing-up into your hand and unruffle to dissipate any energy build-up.

8. Do a deep unruffling of the field, offering light from your hands and allowing the field to take it at whatever speed, volume, colour-vibration it needs. Finish with grounding.

9. If at any point you sense the need to work with the emotional edges, do so, briefly. Scan, clear and ground them. If any area refuses to change, ask what it wants to tell you. Ask what it needs. Offer it love. And go on.

10.Either close the coning, or ask that it remain open until the animal no longer needs it. Thank all for their help.

11. If the horse is very weak, work for brief periods every 30 to 45 minutes for several hours. Disinfect your shoes and clothing and bathe before you go to another horse or another barn.

12. Instruct the owner in how to do the TTEAM ear work and recommend that it be done for at least 5 minutes every 30 minutes, or continually through the extra bad periods. The ear work is critical because almost 400 acupressure points per ear are being worked.

Good luck and let me know how it goes.




Kelly Travail came up with the idea of “sticky light fingers.” She visualises the rays of light that emanate from the ends of the fingers reaching deep into the physical field/body. They gather congestion very much like sticky tape picks up lint from clothing. Then she pulls the light fingers out, turns off the sticky quality and shakes off the congestion. This is a very effective visualisation.

I have worked with MAP for many years. One of my early experiences was a TT treatment. I saw a hospital patient one evening and afterwards went down the hall to see her friend in another room. The second patient was an elderly woman who had undergone surgery for a badly smashed knee. She was in a lot of pain and delighted to receive a TT treatment. Time was short because visiting hours were almost over. The furniture was jammed in around the bed and the legs of the food table were locked. Rather than take the time to move things, I decided to make do and go right into the treatment.

As I started the unruffling and scanning, I realised that I could not get to the far leg and wished that there was someone there to help with the grounding. As my hands unruffled the torso and injured leg, I looked up and saw a tall column of light at the base of the bed. Energy was flowing well along the legs into this column. I thought, “That’s great! Keep it up,” and continued with my work.

With broken arms or legs, I send a light pulse of energy from one hand to the other through the length of the limb. In this case, I sent a gentle beam of light from my hand at the foot through the leg and injured knee up to my hand at the woman’s hip. The light bounced off that hand and continued up through the field and out the top of the head where there was another column of yellow light “standing!”

I thought, “This is good. Keep it up, guys,” and I continued with the treatment. When it was finished, I said good-bye to the woman and left.

In the parking lot, I suddenly realised what had happened and that I had not thanked the beings of light that were there. I turned and looked up at the hospital and for a moment saw the outer wall peeled away. Within each room were compassionate beings of light assisting humans by moving in on the beams of light and caring that one human felt for another. They are there always, just waiting for one person to care about another–that is their access route. From that time onward, I have been aware of these remarkable beings who support and guide me in every treatment.

One day in April 1993, Evelyn MacKay came to give a remarkable presentation on working with the emotional field to my upper level students. In the middle of her talk, she turned to me and asked, “Are you working with MAP?”

I said, MAP?”

She replied, “Yes, you know–Machaelle Small Wright’s work.”

I had read Wright’s book, Behaving as if the God in All Life Mattered, but did not know about MAP. Evelyn told me to get MAP.

I bought the book and followed its instructions on setting up a Coning and discovered that the “White Brotherhood” (“I prefer to call them the Light Brotherhood”) are these beings of light that I had worked with for years.

In addition to requesting their help, Machaelle Small Wright’s coning also involves the Deva of Healing and Pan, the God of Nature. By the time I found MAP, I had read The Findhorn Garden and Dora Kunz’ small pamphlet, “Devic Consciousness.” The idea that there was an intelligence in nature willing to work with human beings in a co-creative way appeared in each of these works. My own experiences supported by these writings led to an even deeper connection with these aspects of unseen help. Now, I call on all of this assistance in each TT treatment. Many other TT teachers and practitioners do so as well.

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