Your gifts help us make our vision a reality

You are …
parents, caregivers, siblings, and friends. You believe in the potential of adults with autism. You desire that individuals with autism might guide their gifts into sustainable careers. You are generous individuals and groups, captivated by a big vision. You are helping us take flight.

We are …
incubators, growing a small experiment that can morph and change into something big. We are relentlessly focused on the individuals we serve; we’re embracing those who feel rejected. We are beginning with the end in mind.

You want …
results, replicability, and simplicity. You yearn to see tremendous transformations (the solitary artist with a mentor at Disney; the sedentary TV-watcher turned triathlete). You long to see
beyond what is and into a new vision of what is possible for adults with autism.

Why Give to Hidden Wings?


After high school, young adults with autism and learning differences face a lonely and bewildering world, a world which sees deficits but not gifts, burdens but not benefits.

Hidden Wings is a path-breaking model of transforming lives, and giving hope, to those whom society would leave behind. Without government assistance, we turn to you to help make dreams happen.

Help us unfurl the gifts of young adults on the autistic spectrum!

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