Telephone Consultations


Send an e-mail to me or telephone me to set up a consultation. I will give you a list of days and times that are available and you choose one and let me know.

At the appointment time, you call me. The session may be up to 45 minutes in length. Please have pen and paper ready to take notes.

I will ask for the name of your animal, kind, breed, age, sex, and any identifying marks. Please do not give me any more information than this until I ask for it. I will connect with the animal and relay to you what I am getting. Once the animal stops sending information, I will ask you for any questions or things that you would like to discuss with the animal.

The telephone consultation provides both communication and suggestions for problem solving.

4951 La Ramada Drive
Santa Barbara, CA
93111 USA

Phone: (805) 967-1717