Comment on Using Two Modalities and on Work in Triads

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

Previously Unpublished

Jitka Malec, TTNO Recognized Teacher, asked me for my thoughts on an article in the TTNO Practitioner Newsletter and this is my response.


Hi Jitka,


I finally got around to reading the note on this in the Practitioner Newsletter and I have a few comments in response.


The first is that it depends on the modalities. I arrived to give a TT treatment to a woman dying of cancer and in significant pain. Another woman arrived at the same time I did and she was there to play the harp, using musical therapy, to relax the woman and help to shift the level of comfort. We agreed to work together and I remember that treatment as one of the most profound that I have ever been involved in – and that was the music therapist’s comment too. The woman receiving the treatment went to sleep within seconds.


Krieger has made the point that TT can be embedded in a massage, and certainly Dora Kunz would use massage on the shoulders and back in combination with her work.


I have experimented with using understandings from other disciplines in my TT treatments. For example, I am currently using the Yuen Method of strengthening the midline as a focus in my TT treatment and finding that it adds considerably to the TT treatment.


With respect to using TT only, I do have some concerns about two people working energetically simultaneously on a very ill or very frail receiver. There is no difficulty if:

a) One person simply supports the grounding while the other proceeds with the treatment, or

b) Two people work together regularly, know each others patterns and rhythms, are deeply centered, and proceed with great gentleness in a brief treatment.


I know that we use triads as a teaching tool, but only with receivers who are in reasonably good health. I think that the chance of overwhelming the field of a very ill patient would be great if the treatment was done by two people who did not know each other and did not normally work together. We know that with very ill or frail people, often only a couple of minutes of TT treatment is all the field can accept at one time. (This is why it would be nice to have hospital situations where very ill people could receive 1-3 minute TT treatments several times a day.)


So with using two energetic disciplines simultaneously, I have concerns about the interaction being too strong for the receiver. I am also concerned about its impact on the “conversation” with the field. What is the field responding to when two kinds of work are used simultaneously? Feedback information is critical for a TT practitioner because it helps to determine the next step in the treatment. There is considerable possibility that this interaction can be muddied by too much going on at once. My own preference is to use only one energetic modality at a time. In addition, I recommend to people receiving work that they have only one treatment a day (e.g., TT one day, Reiki on another day) because the field needs time to process the treatment


Ultimately, whatever is done and used is up to the people (including and most importantly, the receiver) to decide, AND TO EVALUATE AS THEY PROCEED. -BJ/Feb. 2004