Unpublished, June 1999, Distributed to Advanced TT Support Group April 2000

Emotional events leave an energetic signature in a place. Most people recognize whether a place feels comfortable, peaceful, and happy or not. There is “something” about a place where violence has occurred or a room where anger has raged which makes us feel uncomfortable and on edge.

I regularly clear and brighten the energetic aspect of my home by opening the windows and doors and letting the air move through. I use other ways as well: walking through the house with a lighted candle that both gathers the heaviness and brightens the space, or spritzing a room with a lavender solution.

For major energetic clearing, I use Machaelle Small Wright’s “Energy Clearing Process”(1) combined with my own brightening and re-energizing visualisations. This can be applied to buildings and land.

The basic steps are these:

1. Visualise the building and surrounding land that you would like to clear.

2. Imagine a very fine, bright, energetically strong web of light 3 meters or more below the building and land and extending out 3 meters or more beyond the boundaries of the area.

3. Now watch as this web of light rises through the building and land gathering all of the fear, pain, anger, sorrow, etc. The web moves through everything and everyone gathering the energetic heaviness of fear. It continues to rise through all of the floors and up beyond roof level. It continues to rises many miles above the place.

Ask an angelic contingent to draw the edges of the net together and take it and its contents up out of the Earth’s atmosphere far into space where the heaviness is then transformed to light and love.

4. I add the following step to the process: bring your awareness back to the place. With your intention (and with your hands if you choose), build a ball of light

and offer it to this place. Invite more light to come in from the universe. Let this ball of light grow so that it fills the building and the land, even for many meters beyond the


Ask the Universal Source, “Please, let there be light here. Please let this place and all within and associated with it be filled with Love.” Watch the brightness grow and know that your roll has only been to ask. The universal force of compassion does the real work of transformation.


My cousin has been doing a lot of research into one side of our family background and has discovered a theme of alcoholism and depression that has run through many generations. Another family member of our generation has suffered from chronic depression for many years and has been hospitalized for several weeks annually for many years.

Three years ago, I used the Energetic Clearing Process on eight past generations, the present generation and all future generations of the family. Asking for the cooperation of the High Selves in all these generations and the assistance of the Deva of Healing, MAP and an angelic force set the stage for a beautiful clearing and brightening of the family line.

Several years have passed since that clearing and my relative has not experienced a deep depression nor been hospitalized.


I also use this Energetic Clearing Process to address genetic problems in humans and animals.

Some months ago, a friend called to tell me of sight problems in her new litter of Collie pups. Both parents were believed to be clear of the genetic disorder but most of the puppies in the litter were affected. I used the Energetic Clearing Process to address the genetic eye problem over many generations of Collies.

In addition to the steps outlined above, I asked for the assistance of the Deva of Animal Healing, Pan – the God of Nature (representative of the Nature Spirits who implement Devic templates), a MAP Team, my own High Self and the High Selves of collie breeders involved in the problem.

As I started to visualise this particular line of collies, going back eight generations, the sense came that the clearing should not be so limited. So I did the clearing for all Rough and Smooth-Coated Collies going back to the beginning of the breed. All of the dogs from that time through to now and even into the next generations gathered. My High Self and the High Selves of all of the breeders though time gathered around the animals. The web of light moved upward through them all and a beautiful healing brightness replaced the heaviness. This was a grand and beautiful event!

My friend reported the other day that she is keeping all the puppies and that they are functioning very well. Their vision is very good and they have all stolen her heart. I do not know what the impact, if any, has been on the breed.


The Energy Clearing Process is easy to use and very effective for a range of situations. Try it and monitor the changes that occur after you use it.



1 Machaelle Small Wright’s “Energy Cleansing Process” is available on audiotape from Perelandra, PO Box 3603, Warrenton, VA 20188 USA.


BJ/April 2000