Chakras as Centres of Consciousness

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

Previously Unpublished

January 1995 Revised May 1996

Being of Love and Light:

CROWN CHAKRA – May you know your loving spiritual nature and purpose in this life. May your access to universal love flow freely.
3RD EYE CHAKRA – May you “see” clearly, and understand your world with love.
THROAT CHAKRA – May you speak your own needs easily, and allow your creativity to flourish.
HEART CHAKRA – May you give love and receive love fully.
SOLAR PLEXUS – May you follow your own star, and honour yourself with love.
SACRAL CHAKRA – May you build loving and balanced relationships.
ROOT CHAKRA – May you accept and use your power wisely. May you feel safe and secure in this life.

Start at the Root Chakra and see it connected to the earth. Proceed to the Sacral Chakra and visualise it in relationship to the Root Chakra.

Continue to each chakra above and see it in relationship to the one below. Hold the awareness of free flowing energy along the spine. Visually and energetically, work to bring the chakras to greater brightness.


Merlin Homer once said that what we are trying to do in TT is to “brighten the field.” This is very true in the Therapeutic Touch treatment of the chakras. By centering, the practitioner offers peacefulness to the receiver’s field, including the chakras system.

Unruffling helps to clear and support the energy transforming functions of the chakras, as does the offering of energy at the sites of the root, sacral, solar plexus-spleen and heart chakras. The wish for self-honour, balance, harmony, clarity and loving connection with all existence is done silently with the mind-heart and speaks to the overriding consciousness of the receiver.

Because chakra functioning is primarily a function of the person’s own consciousness, the major work is done by the individual. Self-work is choosing to live by the sacred truths.

An example of a conscious transforming action that anyone can do, is to see the beauty and the value of another person. This supports the functioning of the heart chakra of both people. To shake the hand of another person and see the beauty within that being energizes both, supports their health, and increases communication and cooperation.

I highly recommend Caroline Myss’s books and tapes for a discussion of the functioning and sacred truths of each of the major chakras.

  • BJ 2/99

In my more recent work, I have come to understand that the treatment affects both practitioner and receiver, and so now I request that we both be able to accept and live by the sacred truths of the major chakras: e.g., “May WE give love and receive love fully.” BJ/03