By Barbara Janelle M.A.

First Published In Touch, Vol. VII, no. 2, June 1995

The Creation of Health by C. Norman Shealy M.D. Ph.D. and Caroline Myss M.A. New Hampshire: Stillpoint Publishing, 1988

The autumn 1994 issue of Cooperative Connection, the newsletter of the Nurse Healers Professional Associates, Inc. has a review praising The Creation of Health by C. Norman Shealy MD Ph.D. and Caroline Myss M.A. I have used this book for several years as highly recommended reading in my Level 2 and 3 Therapeutic Touch classes.

Norman Shealy is a neurosurgeon and founder of the American Holistic Medical Association. Caroline Myss can intuitively identify and locate physical disease in a person’s body and recognize patterns of emotional, psychological and spiritual stress in the person’s life. The book is based on their examination and correlation of a wide range of patient health problems. Of particular interest is the chapter on the role chakras play in health and illness. While the chakras are understood to work in combination, underlying beliefs and emotions can have more of an impact on one chakra than another.

For example, issues about personal power affect the solar plexus functioning. Fear of assuming responsibility for self, fear of failure, anger and frustration at being unable to break free from being controlled by the expectation of others affect the solar plexus. Corresponding body areas that can be affected are the abdomen, upper intestine, gallbladder, kidneys, liver, pancreas, adrenal glands, spleen and middle spinal area. Dysfunction in these areas can result in such things as colon and intestinal problems, gallbladder problems, as well as arthritis, hepatitis, anorexia and flu.

The case histories further examine the whole being in relation to health and illness. The Creation of Health is fascinating and well worth reading.

Through the Curtain by Viola Petit Neal Ph.D. and Shafica Karagulla MD California: DeVorss & Co, 1983

Many of you may recognize Shafica Karagulla as the co-author with Dora Kunz of The Chakras. In Through the Curtain, Karagulla again works with a very gifted co-author, Viola Petit Neal.

Petit Neal recognized when she woke most mornings that she had spent her nights in “class.” The lessons covered in these night lectures cover a broad spectrum of topics, such as the mechanisms of extra-sensory perception, intuition, telepathy, esoteric aspects of embryology and physiology, the akashic records, the future use of crystals.

The chapters on healing are very interesting. Some excerpts: “Fruits have a beneficial effect on the thyroid…” p.120.

“Digestion is a process of transmutation…The food we eat is not just a matter of the physical aspect, but the etheric energy we get from it too.” p.122.


Caroline Myss’ work is critical to understanding chakra functioning (see “Chakras as Centres of Consciousness”). –BJ 2/99