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Everything has consciousness, from a whale to a human being to an earthworm to a virus. Plants, rocks, water, wind…everything has consciousness. And everything is communicating. Existence is a cooperative effort.

Information comes in many ways – images, feelings, smells, sounds, words, physical sensations, etc. Much communication comes as feeling. For example, notice how you feel when you walk into a forest, or how your feelings change when an animal enters your immediate space.

In Animal Communication, the communicator acts as an intermediary between owner and animal, providing, relaying and clarifying information. Most communication that occurs in formal sessions comes as a myriad of images, feelings, and understandings. Words are very laborious and slow and it is interpreting and putting into words the wealth of information received that takes time in a professional consultation.

Species Link, The Journal of Interspecies Telepathic Communication is a great resource for anyone looking for more information.




Read “Shared Wisdom” and “Animal Communication – A Journey” for an overview of Animal Communication.

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