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Barbara Janelle

Barbara Janelle, B.Sc., M.A.

Barbara Janelle is an Animal Communicator, a Tellington TTouch Animal Companion Trainer, a Therapeutic Touch Teacher and Practitioner and a retired Tellington TTouch Equine Awareness Trainer. She lived in London, Ontario Canada for 31 years and moved to Santa Barbara, California in 2000.

As an Animal Communicator, Barbara works with a world-wide client base and writes for Species Link, The Journal of Telepathic Communication.  A section on her work appears in Communicating with Animals by Arthur Myers (Contemporary Books, 1997) and in Penelope Smith’s Animals in Spirit (Atria Books, Simon & Schuster, 2008). Articles on her work have appeared in Dog World and Horse and Rider magazines. Barbara taught Animal Communication and Tellington TTouch at Camp Gone to the Dogs in Vermont for 23 years.  For many years, Barbara taught workshops throughout North America. Now, she teaches Animal Communication workshops on FaceTime and mentors individuals by phone, as well as doing private consultations in person and by phone.

As a Teacher/Practitioner of Therapeutic Touch (Krieger/Kunz), Barbara is a leading expert in North America on the use of TT with animals.  She is the author of Our Healing Power: Therapeutic Touch for Humans and Animals (1999) and Embodiment of Spirit: Learning Through Therapeutic Touch and Interspecies Communication (2003). Barbara lived in London, ON Canada until 2000 and taught Therapeutic Touch at the University of Western Ontario. She presented TT workshops in Multi-Disciplinary Palliative Care Institute and trained the nursing and palliative care staffs at a regional hospital.  Barbara gives courses on Therapeutic Touch for Animals for veterinarians and animal owners.

Barbara Janelle is a Recognized Tellington TTouch Animal Companion Training (TTACT) Practitioner Level 3. She taught at Camp Gone to the Dogs in Vermont for 23 years. She presented Tellington TTouch workshops to the annual meetings of the Canadian Association of Professional Pet Dog Trainers (CAPPDT 1998 & 2000). In addition to giving TTACT workshops in Canada and the United States, Barbara has trained staff in wildlife rehabilitation centers, and has a varied private client base.

Barbara was a Recognized Tellington-Jones Equine Awareness Method (TTEAM) Practitioner Level 3 for almost 30 years. She retired from this work in 2014. Barbara’s TTEAM experience included:

– presenting TTEAM work to the veterinary students at the University of Guelph Ontario Veterinary College, Guelph, ON Canada (1999)

– 10 years (1989-1998) of weekly work with the therapeutic riding horses at SARI- Riding for Disabled Centre in London, ON Canada

– working with the winning Eastern Canadian Team in the 1989 North American Endurance Championships

– accompanying Linda Tellington-Jones to the Soviet Union in 1986 to work on horses at the Bitsa Olympic Center and the Moscow Hippodrome

In addition, Barbara taught TTEAM clinics throughout northeastern North America. Her articles often appeared in TTEAM Connection, the International TTEAM Newsletter.

Barbara’s over 50 years experience with horses also included:

– 10 years as Leader of the Delaware (ON) 4H Horse and Pony Club

– 5 years as Founding Editor of CADORA Ink, the National Dressage Magazine of Canada,

– 2 years as Area Representative (President) of the London Dressage Association,

– Chair of the Ontario Dressage Championships

– 5 years as Co-founding Director of the Southwestern Ontario Trail Riding Association.

Barbara says that her primary work is “to help humans develop deeper understanding and love for their animals.  I love working with animals and their humans. The tremendous breakthroughs in understanding and heart-to-heart connection between animals and humans that comes with Animal Communication, Tellington TTouch and Therapeutic Touch make my work very exciting.  Humans learn effective ways of communicating with their animals and maintaining their good health, and animals take great delight in the deepening relationship with their people.”

Barbara and her husband Don and their two cats live in Santa Barbara, CA where they enjoy their large garden. Barbara paints watercolor botanicals and landscapes. She continues her work as an Animal Communicator, A Tellington TTouch Animal Companion Trainer and a Therapeutic Touch Teacher and Practitioner.

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