Compiled by Carolyn Buchanan & Sue Frid

Previously unpublished

Question: ” Is it appropriate to ever work “upstream” (i.e. moving the energy up instead of down) when doing TT in people with swelling in a limb? I read in Accepting Your Power to Heal that this can be done but am unclear of how to do it.”

In Therapeutic Touch, we generally support the downward flow of energy through the field. Long downward unruffling strokes quickly relax the recipient.

A caution has been given about using upward unruffling strokes over the trunk as they can make the recipient feel light-headed and can cause fainting.

Unruffling does help to dissipate light congestion in the field, but it also increase the flow of energy through the field. In the case of heavy localised congestion, particularly in the extremities, the area must be decongested before bringing more energy through. If this is not done, the attempt to bring energy through the are will only build congestion and increase discomfort. Light upward unruffling over and above the site for A FEW INCHES, combined with an outward unruffling movement helps break-up congestion.


If the receiver has swelling in an ankle, attempting to move this through with downward unruffling can cause discomfort because unruffling brings more energy into the area. Instead, first addressing the grounding (a visualised approach to draining the congestion into the ground), and then unruffling upward over and above the ankle about 3 inches and “pulling” the congestion off perpendicularly will reduce much of the energy build-up in the ankle.

Once the area is “clear,” then gentle downward unruffling and grounding that supports the normalised flow of energy through the field can be done.

This approach is very important for horses with founder (blood collecting in the foot builds pressure that is very painful. Energetically, a foundered hoof is very, very congested.) Decongesting the area with upward and outward unruffling strokes must be done. Even when the

area is clearer, downward unruffling is best done with a single finger supporting the visualisation of a narrow inner stream of light moving through and into the ground. Too much energy brought in too fast will put the animal back into a very painful state.

If there is any doubt or confusion about this light unruffling upward a few inches from the sight of heavy congestion, then I would suggest simply using outward “pulling” to decongest the area before attempting to bring more energy through the site.

Barbara Janelle

March 2003