The State of Being

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

First Published Species Link, Issue 30, April-June, 1998

Life is a lot easier and more fun when we can hear and communicate with other species. While I enjoy helping to facilitate the intercommunication between other people and their animals, I get the greatest joy in the immediate relationships in my own life. Here are a few examples.

Ants in the Compost

Last summer, I found an ant’s nest in my compost box. The compost was ready to spread and I wanted to start a new pile in the box, but I did not want to kill the ants. I decided to talk with them instead. I asked to speak with the Deva of Ants and the connection came immediately. I explained my problem, and offered a solution. If the ants would agree, I would be willing to move them the next day to a pile of composting weeds about forty feet away from the box. Agreement came immediately.

At eleven o’clock the next morning, I went out to the compost box. It was a warm and beautiful day, ideal for the ants to be out and about. When I lifted the cover on the box, I found to my amazement all of the ants gathered in the nest. The nest filled my shovel and I moved it quickly to the weed pile where I set it down gently and lightly covered it. I checked my compost box and discovered four ants that had missed the journey so I transferred them to the new nest site too. I believe that all the ants made the transfer to the new site safely.

Then I started spreading the compost. There was not an ant to be seen in the compost. The ants and I shared a sense of great delight. I formally thanked the Deva of the Ants, and recognised how pleased we both were with this mutual respect and cooperation.

Houdini and Magic Bailey

My friends Houdini and Magic Bailey are in and out cats. They like to go out for most of the day, and I like them to be in the house at night. For years, I stood on the porch each night before going to bed, calling for the cats. They seemed to enjoy responding slowly and sometimes it would take a half hour or more to get them in.

It finally occurred to me to ask them to come telepathically. Now, I tell them in my mind that I am almost ready to go to bed and ask that they be at the door in five minutes. I finish the chapter in my latest book and go to the door and night after night they are there ready to come in. Again the sense of mutual respect and cooperation is really quite wonderful. They are delighted that I am finally getting it!

Words of Wisdom

Developing the ability to “hear” animals does not mean that we live with constant chattering from animals in our minds. Rather it is like having more sensing resources. Houdini shares his supreme contentment with life with me by filling the room with a warm soft feeling that moves through me. Sometimes, through their senses I can almost taste the world and hear light.

Both cats are very good at beaming me feelings of hunger and joy of eating. They use eye contact strongly to get my attention when I am busy and they want to go out. Though sometimes they can get through my busy mind so that I find myself standing and starting for the door before I am even aware of doing it.

However, it is the quick emotions and profound comments that are especially beautiful. Both Magic and Houdini will insert exclamation points into human conversations. These come as a quiver of delight, often without words–just an added note that makes a conversation funnier. They will sometimes add a humorous memo to a thought that I share with them. This constantly builds my awareness that life is shared with these intelligent and perceptive four-legged beings.

Sometimes, Magic Bailey will offer profound insights, as he did the other day. I was running around doing a lot and worrying about something needlessly. Magic Bailey walked by, looked up at me and said, “The state of Be-ing is an art!”

Life with Trees

This added dimension and world of insights from the animals also comes from the trees around my home and in the park across the street. Whenever I am upset about something, I go to the backyard and lean against the big horsechestnut tree. The tree offers me a profound sense of peace and well-being coupled with strong grounding and transforms my anxiety into deep serenity.

In addition, I can ask the trees for information and insights. They speak of community, connection with others through their roots, branches and energy fields and of acceptance of all that life offers. I remember the feeling of being a tree when I try to stay centered in difficult situations. Trees say, “We are,” and amplify the state of be-ing that Magic Bailey speaks about.

Trees offer tremendously effective health support too. Headaches, stomach upsets, back problems, improve or disappear completely after a session with a tree. (A student in my Therapeutic Touch classes reports that whenever she gets a migraine, she asks a tree to work on her and the headache always disappears in a few minutes.) Trees are the most effective energy workers on Earth.


Houdini says, “Life is shared being. Welcome to the real world!”