Earth Song

By Barbara Janelle M.A.

First Published, Species Link, Issue 25, October-December, 1996

My black and white feline friend, Houdini, is teaching me about the song that all consciousness sings–one of light, colour, and sound that celebrates life and provides an “atmosphere-resonance” necessary for life and matter to exist on earth and in the universe.

Houdini speaks of participating in the earth song while asleep or gazing into space. A favourite place on the bench under the horse chestnut tree allows him to blend his song in a deeper way with the song of the tree, grass and bushes. He shows me clearly that the song extends beyond the planet’s physical boundary–a light web going far out into space; it is part of a universal song.

Web of Light-Colour-Sound

Animals, insects, plants, trees, water, rocks and clouds sing, although their songs may not always be audible to human ears. On our level, we do hear the sounds of tree branches touching and rubbing, leaves filtering the wind, birds and insects singing, horses and cattle grazing, carpenter ants working, and so on. Wind, water, and clouds also make some songs that are audible to human ears.

Flowers express their song through colour and form. Fish fill their world with a hum that is felt, heard, “tasted” by them in a way we do not sense (see “A Story Unfolds”). Many species–trees, herons, horses, dogs, fish–describe their song as a quality of light, colour and vibration. There is a shared awareness that by contributing to the earth harmony, they hold a template for life and form on the planet. Indeed, this web of light-song-vibration is one of inter-relationship that connects all things at every scale on the earth and extends beyond the physical boundaries of this planet too.

Some songs seem to be very strong and deep. Kate Solisti has spoken of the songs of whales and elephants as providing the deep bass of the earth orchestra. Earthworms join them and their song goes deep,

“We sing to Earth Mother,

and direct our ‘voice’ deep into her body.”

This web of light-sound is not just at the surface; it moves through the earth and through all form on and within the planet. The pictures that I receive suggest that upon reaching the distinct structure of the planet core, the multitude of voices are unified into a planet concord and amplified.

Refrain of Joy

The song is one of happiness, of wisdom and of connection. “We sing the joy of our world,” fish say, and they add,

“The kingdom of plants

sings too of community, relationship

Intricate Possibility.” (see “A Story Unfolds)

Loons sing “a conscious and joyous celebration of life”(see “Messages from the Wild”). Dolphins, alligators and other species sing the universal truth of Love. Trees say,


“Our song sets a template for form and growth

of others of our species.

The stronger we sing

(strength comes with age,

individuation, and the

ability to consciously direct energy),

the greater the health of this planet.

We hold Earth’s wholeness with our song,”

The song moves through all form on earth. “My body is a sensor–like an antenna: nose to tail,” says a mouse (see The Mouse”). Much of the physical work of mice, insects, birds, grazing animals, is in response to local variations in the song. The mouse says proudly,

“We are energy movers–

Keeping things flowing

on the Good Earth.

We move the energy pods–seeds to you

to places that need their quality–vibration

‘sown’ there.” (see “The Mouse”)

This energy balancing by moving seeds is in response to the song of place and in turn contributes to greater balance-harmony in the song of that place. A weed in a garden brings energetic-harmonic balance to that place, and its song is vital to the forming and growth of plants there and elsewhere.

Houdini says that the song of cats (and that of many other animals and plants too) has a profound impact on human beings:


“We sing the song of light

To the hearts of humans.

We reach through you

with the vibration of love, acceptance and being.


We are . . .

And that melts your barriers of fear.

We do not judge—

We are . . .

And we sing the web of light

Connecting humans to the world beyond

mind and skin.

More and more I recognise that interrelationship, cooperation, mutual respect and honour among all conscious forms, as well as the qualities of love and joy are intrinsic to life on this planet. Indeed they are essential to the existence of all that is in the universe. Ken Carey in Flat Rock Journal says a principle of nature is not “survival of the fittest,” but rather it is “survival of the most cooperative.” The animals and plants certainly recognise this as a major aspect of the Earth Song.

Human Song

A few years ago, as I was driving a familiar route through my home city, London, Ontario, I passed through a wonderful grove of tall mature trees and heard a voice say, “When mankind opens to love, the Earth will take its rightful place as the heart-centre of the universe.”

When I “open to love,” and see myself, others, and my world with love, I feel my heart opening: the front of my heart chakra expands, and my heart “sings!” As we grow wiser and recognise that cooperation holds life on this planet, our song–the “singing heart” will contribute too and perhaps help draw the planet to its promised role as the heart center of the universe.

A Singing Earth

Opening Wide with the

Wonder of Love.

Delight expressed by all components.

Even humans are awakening.

Change coming in free flowing harmony.

Harmonic Convergence indeed,

Another interpretation,

True as all others.

Plants, animals, devas, nature spirits

Water, soil, rocks and sky

all join the vibrational dance

Building now

As Earth assumes

Her mantle


Conscious Love…

A Whole Planet Choice.