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Barbara Janelle BARBARA JANELLE M.A. is a Recognized Therapeutic Touch Teacher and Practitioner both in the United States (NH-PAI) and in Canada (TTNO). Until her move to California in August 2000, Barbara taught Therapeutic Touch at the University of Western Ontario in the Faculty of Part-Time and Continuing Education for many years. She also taught in UWO’s Multidisciplinary Palliative Care Institute – Level II and trained the nursing and palliative care staff of Four Counties Health Services, a regional hospital in southwestern Ontario.

Barbara founded the London, Ontario Volunteer TT Hospital Team, which treats patients in ICU, CCTU, the Cardiac Unit, and Transplant Unit in London’s several hospitals. She helped to organize the Wellspring Therapeutic Touch Team, which sees cancer patients and their family members at Wellspring in London. She also started the London Therapeutic Touch Support Group.

Barbara writes regularly for In Touch, the Journal of the Therapeutic Touch Networks of Canada. She is the author of Our Healing Power: Therapeutic Touch for Humans and Animals Volume 1. A second volume of her writings is being collected now for publication.

Barbara teaches Therapeutic Touch courses in her Santa Barbara home and teaches Advanced Courses in both Canada and the United States. She also treats clients in the Santa Barbara area.

She holds a Masters Degree from the University of Colorado; Thesis: Influenza Diffusion – A Study in Medical Geography.

NH-PAI is the Official Organization for Therapeutic Touch

TTNO is a Canadian Provincial Therapeutic Touch Organization